W&W Limbs Wiawis NS-XP Wood

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Achieve precise arrow grouping with exceptional shooting speed and power.

  • ILF fitting, fits any type of ILF risers.
  • Material: Wood Core / Advanced High modulus Carbon
  • Available in short, medium and long.
  • 28 till 50lbs in 2lbs increments.
  • SEF(Soft Epoxy Film): SEF materials, first introduced to archery, enhance shock absorption and reduce vibration, improving bow stability and forgiveness.
  • Infrared Blocking Technology: The limbs are coated with an infrared-reflective layer, mitigating heat and temperature rise, thus notably reducing damage.
  • Optimized carbon pattern design: The NS-XP's specialized carbon pattern boosts stability and precision, enhancing rigidity and reducing bow fluctuation and draw variance.
  • The ultimate wood core limbs: The NS-XP wood limb, crafted through a precise manufacturing process with selected wood core materials, has improved the arrow's focus with its stable draw and powerful shooting.
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