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No Refund or warrantie on These Shafts!

USED Easton ACE Shafts.

* Be aware that these Shafts are used and selected together on spine and length ONLY!
* Shaft's may be cut in the Front or Back!

* The weight code (C) May varie in these set's!

Here are the key points to understand the significance of this.

• All ACE and X10 weight codes cover a total spread of 1.5 grains (.097 gram)

• All packaged ACE and X10 shafts are held to a weight tolerance of +/- 0.5 grains in that specific package

• It is easily possible for an archer to mix shafts from two adjacent weight codes with no ill effect (”heavy” C.2 and “light” C.3 for example) because by the time you cut the shafts, apply fletching, points, and perhaps an arrow wrap, the fine distinction in weight between one group and other is “blurred” a bit.  In reality a three grain spread is undetectable by even the highest level archer.

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