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The Beiter WINDER - a very new serving tool - was developed in several years of testing. One of the aims, was to design an efficient tool to be easily used by professionals or beginners.

The Winder PROFI has been developed for professional users, as for example dealers, coaches, technicians or service people in archery clubs.
The Winder PROFI differs from the standard Winder because of 2 stainless steel rolls. These are allowing an extreme use, as for example very fast or very strong serving.

The Beiter Winder PROFI HEAVY has 15mm stainless steel knobs on the spindle, instead of the 9mm ones. A small but significant change!
The Beiter WINDER PROFI is used by many professional string makers, and the WINDER PROFI HEAVY has been designed to meet the highest requirements for a serving tool.
Thanks to the added weight on the spindle, the centrifugal force while spinning is much higher than with the other Winder models. This allows - paired with the usual Beiter WINDER features - an extremely tight serving!

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