Gillo Riser GQ Lux 23''

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Key features:

  • Designed for recurve and barebow style shooting.
  • International limb fit riser with limb alignment system for perfect tuning.
  • Optional intergrated weight system to increase riser weight and change balance and hold.
  • Titanium, gold coloured plated limb bolts.
  • Wooden grip.
  • Three front stabiliser holes for a really wide range of balancing options.
  • Centre bushing with 1 mm offset to allow better balancing by long rod.
  • Available in a range of matte anodized colours.
  • Riser cover included.

Technical specifications:

Limb Fitting: ILF
Material: 6161 T6 machined Aluminium
Length Options:  23"
Weight: 23": 1140g
Handedness: RH
Finish:  Anodized
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