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Screw fitting limbs from Winners.

Key features:

  • Screw fitting limbs ideal for club and beginner bows.
  • Laminated wood and fibre construction.
  • Good range of sizes and lengths available.
  • Reinforced limb tips for increased durability.

Technical specifications: Marked poundages measured at 26" draw.

Fitting: Screw Fitting
Material: Wood/Fibre
Length Options:  Short, Medium and Long. 
Poundage Options: 10-40lbs (Length dependent)
Limbs Handle Poundage options
48" 14.5" 10-24lbs
54" 19.5" 10-24lbs
58" 19.5" 10-24lbs
62" 20" 10-26lbs
64" 22" 10-36lbs
66" 24" 10-36lbs
68" 24" 14-38lbs
70" 24" 16-40lbs
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